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Wolverine and the X-men

Original production art from the animated series Wolverine & The X-Men by Marvel Studios.

Original Animation Art from Marvel's Wolverine and the X-Men Animated Series

First aired in 2009, this 4th animated adaptation of the X-Men franchise was a single season animated series brought to you by Marvel Animation and Toonz Entertainment. HeroWiz is proud to be the only source for rare animation art from this all-star X-Men animated franchise. Nearly every X-men character makes an appearance throughout this 26 episode series including the X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants, Acolytes, Marauders, Weapon X characters and more. Art pieces from this cartoon make an excellent collector's item for X-Men fans. A second season of this cartoon was in production but was cancelled as of 2010. 

All artwork is original to the Wolverine and the X-Men animated series and comes to HeroWiz directly from Marvel Animation.

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