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Upcoming Comic Conventions List

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I thought it would be kinda cool if I could share a list of upcoming comic conventions, so I thought I'd post the calendar I check religiously. Clearly these are feeds from other sites, so please double check the events posted if you plan on attending one. We are not responsible for errors but I've found this list extremely useful.


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How Promotions are helping the Comic Industry

With Marvel movies quickly becoming as popular as the comics from the 1980s, we are seeing a new revival of the industry and collectibles as a whole and prices are on the rise. Especially for items like animation artwork that's moving from traditional to digital production.Comic dealers are experiencing "Record Sales" and some of the [...]

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What is a Lithograph

What is a LithographWritten by Joe G of www.herowiz.comCreative DirectorWhat is a Lithograph? A lithograph is a high quality print. Commonly used today in making of art posters. Lithography is a printing technique developed more than 200 years ago in Europe. Lithos (stone) and grapho (to write) have greek origins and is one of the most [...]

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Authentic Marvel Movie Posters from around the World

Iron Man in Russian or Japanese? Yup... HeroWiz has just picked up Original Marvel Studios movie posters from around the world. These items will be posted to the site for sale in the near future. Keep your eyes on the site.

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